Renovation of apartments

The advantages that our customers receive by ordering us to repair an apartment




  • On all types of repair – 1 year (standard)
  • Additional warranty for 2 years (premium) and for 3 years (exclusive).

The price of the additional guarantee depends on the cost of all the work performed for you.

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Apartment renovation by Artpartner

Before proceeding with the repair of a one-room apartment, we agreed with the customer and determined the main accents of the interior: a large semi-circular window and a non-standard room shape. It was decided to make the most light and comfortable room, in which I would like to spend time and relax. For this, a neutral color scheme with a dominant white color was chosen. We also used brown-cream and silver shades, which filled the space with notes of intimacy and coziness. We made the walls and ceiling white, which visually enlarged the room, gave it volume and radiance from the inside. We made one of the walls under the painted brick, which added an additional modern accent and visually expanded the space. To emphasize the size and shape of the window, a transparent snow-white tulle framed in soft dark-brown curtains was chosen. In one of the corners of this magnificent window, we placed a comfortable desk. Working at such a table creates the feeling that you are in your bright and cozy office. At the same time, thanks to the white color, it does not break out of the general context and is perceived in harmony with all the rest of the interior of the room. It is worth noting the unusual floor shelves, also made in white. They are sufficiently capacious and functional, additionally carry a decorative function. White wall shelves with cream inserts decorate the room and can accommodate a sufficient number of books, as well as many useful and simply beautiful things. Of course, we paid considerable attention to the recreation area. A large, comfortable bed, covered with a light veil with a bright, but as if tracery pattern, adds pastoral notes to the overall composition of the room. And opposite it, for maximum convenience, we hung a large plasma TV. Another highlight of this interior is a chess cabinet. Its glossy, white-gray color, clear lines bring elegance and harmony of geometric elements. The chandelier, which resembles a blossoming flower, gives a special elegance to the room. Completes the overall picture of a fluffy carpet on a warm wooden floor. In general, the room was very bright and romantic. Its elongated form made it possible to create two independent zones: rest and work. A beautiful semicircular window, like a radiant diadem, filled the interior space with playing sun rays. We are sure that modern renovation of the apartment will be appreciated by many modern girls.

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Renovation of the kitchen in the style of Provence

In one of the private houses of the suburbs we started to repair and design the kitchen. It was decided to make her renovation in the style of Provence. And this means: white color, gentle patterns, transparent, weightless curtains and necessarily bright live flowers. In order to fully convey the atmosphere of the French province, we, of course, took advantage of the fact that the windows of our kitchen went out into the garden, and added another characteristic feature of Provence – a window to the floor. And so, after completing all the technical aspects and dusty hassle of re-planning the premises *, we moved on to the aesthetic stage of our work. We laid out the kitchen floor with white tiles. The ceiling mirror is also made perfectly white. This visually increased the height of the room, added light. We made the walls of the kitchen “marble”. For what used a special painting technique, imitating the texture of marble. To beat this, and also to give refinement and charm to our kitchen, we have chosen in the same color range curtains with the same pattern, but different textures. One of the windows we decorated with roll “Roman” curtains, made of natural linen with a rich embroidered ornament. The second, “French” window, we sent a gentle patterned chiffon, to once again emphasize his pictures, and also freely enjoy the view of your favorite garden. Another decoration of the kitchen – an elegant chandelier, decorated with crystal. Her transparent pendants on a sunny day fill the space with iridescent playful rays. Kitchen furniture we made from the capital’s masters made to order from natural wood. All items were carefully processed and painted white. The paint was applied in one layer, so that through it a unique wood pattern created by nature itself shone through. Only the table top of the ball is made of high-quality Italian plastic, the glossy surface of which perfectly fits and matches the elegant floor. All kitchen appliances (oven, electric surface, sink, dishwasher) was built into the furniture. In the middle of the kitchen we put a folding dining table, and chairs around it. Imagine you are sitting at a large table, in the circle of the closest people, slowly sipping a cool Chardonnay and breathing the scents of a fragrant garden.

* To change the window usual in the “French” window, changes in the project of the house are required. NB! If you need to do this in an apartment, you need technical, legislative and organizational decisions of the responsible authorities.

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Guest room repair

This time we were asked to repair a modern guest room. We tried to create a neutral interior, in which there would be no unnecessary details, it was nice to relax and at the same time functionally and comfortably spend time. And so, to visually raise the ceiling of the room, we made it white. To decorate the walls were chosen solid wallpaper of a pleasant beige hue. As a floor covering we used laminate. The main emphasis for the repair of our room is an unusual two-tiered coffee table. It consists of two separate tables, which differ in size and contrasting colors. And together they create an interesting composition. On one side of it we arranged two armchairs and a puff of milky shade, and on the other – a soft color of coffee and milk sofa. We decorated it with pillows, which, in turn, brought cozy notes to our interior. Undoubtedly, the steel patterned closet-cabinet also attracts attention. His cold laconism brings elements of techno and strictly style. To beat and visually soften his coldness, we decorated the wall next to a large silvery snowflake. Traditionally one of the main decorations of the room is a large window. Therefore, we left it as open as possible. For this, transparent white tulle was used, and along the edges hung beautiful curtains of chocolate color from corrugated fabric. We also chose a reserved chandelier design, but quite amusing. It resembles soap bubbles, suspended in the air. In general, after the renovation the room was completely residential and comfortable. Imagine that you stayed in such a stay with your beloved friend. You have where to freely place your things, most not only sit on a comfortable couch, but also plant visitors from neighboring rooms.

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Improvisation and repair in baroque style

Our customer – a fan of the novel Anna and Serge Golon “Angelica”, decided to embody her young dreams and create a bedroom in which she would feel like a queen. We received the assignment, evaluated it and decided that it should be a baroque renovation, i.e. The interior should be quite modern, but with bright elements inherent in the famous romantic period. In the repair of the room we used dairy, beige, coffee-brown, ash and gold shades.

First of all, we expanded the room at the expense of the balcony, removing the inner window and part of the wall. We have a beautiful niche. The ceiling was made classically white, which visually lifted it and added light. For wall decoration we chose a golden color wallpaper.

The main accent of the design of any bedroom is, of course, a bed. We picked it up in a baroque style. Nearby, we put a bedside bench, and on the side a carved cabinet made in the same style. To once again emphasize the luxury and wealth of the bed, on the wall, at her head, we made a beautiful panel insert.

Closer to the niche, we placed graceful ash-pink armchairs and a glass table on a wrought-iron pedestal, which harmoniously merged into the interior, added notes of playfulness, boudoirity.

We decorated the window with a transparent tulle with magnificent drapery at the top. Heavy curtains of a noble coffee-beige color were hung not traditionally – along the window, but on the other side of the niche, thus giving mystery and some theatricality to our bedroom.

A warm wooden floor, a fluffy carpet, many small details and decorative elements complemented the overall picture, made the room cozy and warm. Every morning, waking up in such a bedroom, you do not need to imagine that you are a queen. Everything is so clear…

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Did you know that studio apartments came to us from the USA of the 1920s? Such an open space without unnecessary partitions enjoyed great popularity among the bohemian youth. Today, nobody surprises the studio. But it still looks stylish, interesting, relevant.

Here and this time for repair and interior design, we were offered a large studio room. We divided it into three zones: a kitchen, a dining room, a living room. * In the design of the space, golden, beige, milky shades were used.

For the decoration of the walls we chose quiet wallpapers in a pale beige-cream longitudinal strip. We made the ceiling white. The working surface of the kitchen was laid out with tiles.

Kitchen furniture we picked a nice golden hue. Its clear lines and restrained carved decor elements send us back to the era of classicism. In the middle we put a functional working surface, which can be used not only for cooking, but also for storing different utensils and other utensils. To once again not to distract the eye, almost all kitchen appliances are built-in. Only the refrigerator and the oven we deliberately left open from the outside. Their strict black color successfully echoes the hearth of the fireplace, located in the central part of the room – the dining room.

The fireplace itself is the main accent of our space. A beautiful pale pink mantel panel, made in a special “marble” technique. An elegant horizontal mirror in a gilded frame, located above it, undoubtedly emphasizes the elegance of the room and adds elements of prosperity in the interior.
Cold clarity of lines successfully smoothes out a small round table and comfortable chairs, made in the colors a la Provence.

In general, our studio room was very light, delicate, refined. Just imagine how in the evening you are going to chat with the whole family over a cup of hot chocolate, enjoying the crackling of logs in the fireplace.

* In detail we will consider two zones: a kitchen and a dining room.

Availability of own trucks
Having our own trucks – we can quickly respond to the needs of the masters, do Apartment repair more productive. Thus, in the market we can offer a more efficient model of repair organization.
We ourselves manufacture cabinet furniture, kitchens and doors.
10 years experience in creating premium interiors

Our main advantage is the experience of successful implementation of complex interior solutions without exceeding the deadlines and estimates. We perform specific repairs, combine different materials, Each group of designers works on each repair of apartments , each final finishing material is selected on the basis of:

  1. Combinations of materials already ordered or purchased earlier,

  3. Material maps from the design of the project

  5. The individual perception of the designer based on previous experience in the implementation of such interiors.

It is the combination of the high professionalism of the masters of the finishers, the experience of the interior designer, integrated into the efficiently operating system and give us a competitive advantage in the repair market.

Quality control of work and materials
The repair period is divided into certain stages, for which the masters assigned to it are responsible. Thus, before receiving payment for his work, the master must pass the volume. If at this point, do not perform a comprehensive analysis, having a rich experience behind a similar specificity, then most likely the master of the next section of the technology chain will make claims that sometimes there is no one to finish, since the masters have the property of disappearing after receiving payment for their volume.
The firm estimate, the schedule of works with the forecast of expenses by dates
We form an accurate estimate and also a schedule in which we clearly state how much and when the customer has to pay in order not to interrupt repairs. We determine the exact cost of repairing an apartment.
Attention to details
We have worked out a system of central recording of all calls from the customer, performer, manager, designer in one order card. This card is formed on the basis of cloud on-line technology so that it can be accessed from inside and outside the organization with a login and password. Also, each stage of repair is sifted through a special questionnaire, in which we include the mistakes made by us and those obtained from other sources.
Quality management
The manager is the person who constantly contacts the customer agrees repair price , and terms. It is by his behavior that the customer forms his attitude to the company. Developing this segment, we can ensure timely selection of finishing materials and solving a lot of small issues that inevitably arise during any repair.