Project "Moscow"

  • Style: Modern
  • Number of rooms: 3
  • Area: 59 м2
  • Designer: Design studio Artpartner

Описание проекта:

It was a bit scary to start developing this project. After all, before you start “drawing”, you need to communicate with the customer, learn the occupation, the lifestyle of the family and even the way of thinking of all its members. The profession of a designer is similar to the work of a psychologist! Communicating virtually, it is difficult to “get to taste” the owner of the apartment. Fears were in vain. The draft did not introduce any edits – the customer approved all the ideas of the designer!
On 59 “squares” it was possible to place a kitchen-dining room, combined with a living room, a separate bedroom and a nursery. In the bathroom they even found a place for a bath and a shower.

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