About us

Design studio Artpartner has been working on the interior design market in Kiev for ten years. In the asset studio:

  • More than 150 successfully executed projects of design of inhabited and office premises;
  • Recommendations of eminent companies (Red Bull, Sony Ericsson);
  • Dozens of reviews of satisfied customers.

We know that when ordering a design project, our customers expect from us not just a beautiful selection of 3D visualizations. Customers want to have:

  • Detailed cost estimates;
  • Step by step instructions on repairing your apartment, house, office;
  • A specific list of finishing materials, sanitary ware, furniture, decorative elements with instructions – how many, what, where and at what price they can be purchased;
  • Assistance in organizing the purchase, delivery and installation of materials, decoration of premises.

What you will get by becoming our client

Long-term work in the Moscow market of interior design allowed us to form such a system for the implementation of design projects, which gives the customer the opportunity to receive a comprehensive repair and new interior in a timely manner in accordance with the approved visualization and cost estimates.

Design studio Artpartner enjoys discounts in most metropolitan stores of building materials, furniture, lamps, textiles and decor. For delivery there is a fleet of trucks. Our designers will help you quickly and profitably choose and buy everything you need for repair.

Our standard interior design project includes:

  • Measurement plan indicating the dismantling of structures and partitions
  • The plan after the redevelopment indicating the erected structures and partitions, the explication of the premises
  • Plan showing the location of furniture and process equipment
  • Plan of furniture explication
  • Plan of ceilings
  • Plan for connecting electrical equipment, air conditioning, ventilation
  • Lighting Binding Plan
  • Circuit-breaker connection plan
  • Floor plan with the type of coverage
  • Floor plan with floor heating zones
  • Plan of the plumbing
  • Visualization of images of premises in perspective (2-3 types of premises)

Additional options :

  • specification of finishing materials, sanitary ware, furniture;
  • drawing up an estimate with real positions and prices;
  • high-precision design of furniture. We have our own capacities for the production of built-in furniture;
  • Selection of finishing materials, furniture, lamps, textiles, etc.

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What do you get working with the Artpartner design studio?

An experienced, professional team with creative ideas and a modern approach to accomplishing the tasks set is Artpartner.

Дизайн студия интерьера

Created in 2003 in Kiev, Artpartner’s interior design studio is still the guarantor of quality and professionalism in its work, which makes the world better and more beautiful. Most of our lives we spend in rooms where the atmosphere created by design, even subconsciously, but rather strongly influenced by the inner state of man. That is why it is very important to design the surrounding space in the style that best fits our understanding of beauty and harmony.

Our advantages:

  • Complexity: providing a full range of services for high-quality design and operational repair, including a wide range of products and materials (wood, MDF, chipboard, etc.);
  • The control of terms and quality: high skill and speed of performance of all kinds of works on the structure.
  • Strict reporting: the client receives a full report on all the works produced by the studio.

Principles of work design studio in Kiev Artpartner:

Дизайн студии интерьера

In his visions and realization of orders, Kiev Artpartner’s design studio combines two approaches: modernity and uniqueness. Going in step with the times and considering all the latest trends in design, company employees avoid imitating and copying other people’s ideas.

Specialization Artpartner – a moderate classical style, a provence and “contemporary”, or modern style. The main thing for us is to create an interior in which it will be comfortable to spend time. But at the same time, Artpartner takes with pleasure the “orders-calls”: when the client is ready to realize the bold imagination of the designer or he himself offers a complex, provocative interior. This is incredibly interesting, although it is also insanely hard. But the challenge is accepted!

Author’s supervision from the Artpartner studio

дизайн студии интерьера Киева

Each of our repair is accompanied by author’s supervision, so you do not need to worry about the quality of the repair. It will be executed in strict accordance with the design project, which will be prepared by our experienced designers. Our employees have very extensive experience behind their shoulders and will be able to tell about the latest trends in modern interior design or to offer you many variations of the classic style in interior design. In a cozy atmosphere, we will discuss the vision of future repairs. All your wishes will be taken into account by the designers and, interlacing into one harmonious whole with the ideas and many years of experience of our graduates, will be presented to you in the author’s interior design of an apartment or house.

If you do not want to spend your precious time on what requires detailed study, certain skills and experience, and also do not want to risk your savings, spend nerves on reconciling reconfigurations, design projects in numerous government agencies – just contact our design studio and we We will do it all for you. We do not fail with terms – for us a satisfied customer first of all.

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