Prices for repair services

Initially, we are striving for the specifics in figures, but repair is a complex, individual work package, the cost and timing of which depends
From the following components: the size of the room, the complexity of the design project, financing, speed
Coordination of finishing materials with the customer, his ability to come to the site and
Take work done and many other factors.

At the moment it is defined as the choice of a car, such as a car or a piece of land, even if all its positive and negative sides. What to say, if you need to choose a company that, in theory, should execute a complex complex project quickly, qualitatively and for a moderate budget, during the implementation of which the designer’s mistakes and designer errors can surface. It’s not that they need to be flawless, that they can do it right the first time, without pulling the buyer into the “who’s to blame” game pays in which in the end, as a rule, the customer. While engaged in repairs, you become a hostage to the insured person, he can demand to pay all expenses related to the fulfillment of all contract terms, and in case of his failure, “Paprednikov”- the situation is familiar to the Ukrainians painfully.

Our strategy is very simple: we use the most advanced technologies on the market, we attract the best masters that we can find, pay them more than on average in the market, we stipulate terms with them, we regularly look at them well, we deliver materials and solutions on time Questions that they are going to ask. We every 3-4 months, using the operating time, reduce the basic period of repair for 10 days. So now we can finish a 3-room apartment for 3.5-4 months. It is a question of design repair – not to be confused with European-quality repair.

If you still want to find out how much this may cost, we can call these figures:
Cost of all works without materials: 900-1300 UAH m2.
Rough materials (plasterboard, plaster mixes, a substrate for a parquet, glue for a tile, wires, pipes) 800-1500 грн.
Turnkey renovation with furniture 400 – 2000 USD. Per m2. Everything depends on the task.