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We can not directly publicize the price because it depends on the location of the object, its area, configuration and composition of the design of the project. Therefore, to find out the cost of interior design, contact us – contact

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Prices for author’s design from the studio Artpartner

Designer interior is fundamentally different from the variant invented by the amateur. This is how it should be, after all, for this and professionals, to generate and implement original author’s ideas. They give the apartments and offices a unique look. And one glance at this beauty is enough to want and to arrange everything in the same way. Agree, it’s worth the money, because the designer is a creative profession. All that he offers clients in his projects is his product:

  • Talent
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Ability to think creatively and creatively, to create new things, not to break away from sinful earth in their ideas and create interiors for people, and not just for exhibitions and glossy magazines

Order apartment design – the price of an idea

Even if you manage to create a modern interior yourself in your apartment, it will most likely be standard, like everyone else. Focusing on fashion trends, visiting guests and exhibitions, we see that they are now “being” and are offering in the field of interior design. And, starting the repair, we do something similar.

It should be emphasized that construction firms do not like all sorts of designer “tricks”. It is much easier for them to work according to the standard, without burdening themselves with complex technological processes and working with unusual materials. And without a sword of Damocles in the form of permanent author’s supervision, they are unlikely to want to implement everything that you have in mind. Want to have a professional quality interior design – the price of our studio services includes the cost of the author’s supervision.

There is one more minus of independent work on interior design. As a rule, the owners of housing, armed with information from magazines on interior design and the World Wide Web, find several suitable ideas. But, instead of choosing one of them, they use all the styles and decorating techniques immediately after they are repaired. As a result, space loses harmony and integrity. It lacks the grace and refinement of the style, which provides professional interior design, the reasonable price of which is a fee for beauty, comfort and comfort. And also for the pride and pleasure that you will always feel when taking guests and seeing their admiration from your apartment.

Author’s interior design – prices for Artpartner studio services

Design studio Artpartner has been working in the field of interior design for more than 8 years. In the work we focus on European standards, introducing the full-cycle interior design technology. What does this mean for our customers? We offer you a modern interior design – the cost includes:

  • Generating an idea
  • Concept development
  • Creation of a design project with 3D-visualization
  • Detailed work on the repair plan

The following services are additionally paid:

  • Help in the selection of materials, items of furniture, lamps, decorative elements
  • Assistance in the implementation of the design project
  • Author’s supervision of all stages of work

Turning to us, you will receive comprehensive professional help and quality interior design – the prices for our services are consistent with their quality. In our portfolio there are many photos and descriptions of the implemented projects. All of them are executed “from scratch” and brought to a logical conclusion. Behind these words are hundreds of happy owners of apartments and houses, transformed in accordance with modern requirements for the quality of living quarters and current trends in interior design. Look at our photo gallery! Do you want your apartment to be like that? We are always at your service.

The cost of Artpartner services is fixed in the contract, which must be signed with the client. In addition to the financial side, it spells out all the nuances of cooperation, the rights and obligations of the parties, the deadline for the delivery of work stages, the order of their acceptance by the customer. Choosing our design studio, you are guaranteed against any misunderstandings. We always fulfill all our obligations. Our priorities: creativity, high quality of work, openness and transparency of relationships with partners and customers. Working with us is pleasant and profitable!

Cost of the design of the project

Focusing on European standards in the provision of services, we created a full-design design studio and use innovative approaches in our work. Any work on changing the appearance of an apartment or a house for their owners is always connected with inconveniences. Even cosmetic repairs are a troublesome business, but what can we say about a complex re-planning and total image change? We work so as to minimize your inconvenience.

Speaking about the cost of the design project, we want to emphasize one more advantage of working with our company. We use our own technology to work on a design project. In most design studios, each project is led by one designer. And we entrust it to a specific designer, but to help him we create a creative group of professionals in more narrow areas. The joint work of the Artpartner studio specialists on the interior design is a collective creativity based on scrupulous performance of the assigned works within the specified deadlines. The project design cost.

How is everything implemented in practice? Suppose you ordered us an apartment design project – the price of the work includes the services of a designer, visualizer, decorators, picking up furniture and finishing materials that correspond to the new style of your apartment and the budget you have allocated. Experts exchange ideas and create an optimal variant of the design project much faster. And this means that you not only get the best design project, but you can enjoy the results of our work much earlier.

And further! The final cost of an integrated design project is established immediately after assessing the scope of work, and does not depend on the number of specialists involved in its implementation.

We also recommend using our repair calculator.

Professional apartment design – prices and goals

Please contact our studio if you want to radically change your life for the better! We offer a competitive cost of apartment design, and at the same time give customers much more than other companies.

The collective style of work of the Artpartner design studio is not a way of hidden “winding” the price. This technology work is implemented in order to shorten the terms of the implementation of contracts. This is our main goal! You will be able to return to your renovated apartment much earlier.

What does this mean from financial, practical and emotional points of view? Everything is very simple:

  • You do not have to rent temporary accommodation for a long time to survive the repair period in your apartment
    Your costs for hiring temporary housing will decrease accordingly
  • You can quickly return to a normal comfortable lifestyle in your own apartment, enjoying its new look, coziness and stylish design in the best traditions of the Artpartner studio
  • Your friends and acquaintances will not be able to resist compliments, and maybe even envy
  • In general, the professional design of apartments is the price that you agree to pay not only for living modern, beautiful and comfortable, but also for emphasizing your status, income and achievements.

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