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Interior Design

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Interior Design

We know that when ordering a design project, the customer does not just want to get a picture book, but he is interested in getting a detailed instruction on repairing an apartment or house where step-by-step is prescribed that when and for how much you can buy and carry out delivery and installation. /P>

Therefore, having analyzed the main nodal points, which are being repaired, have formed such a system that allows you to get the required result, namely repair as planned on visualization, on time, not exceeding the budget.

We also need to report that we are not the cheapest in the market, but as you know, quality service should be fairly paid, as the professional design of the interior is not cheap. Our strategy is to provide the highest quality services while at the same time minimizing the cost by removing from the list of services those that do not have real time saving or cost saving and minimizing the development of the interior design project in time, increasing efficiency. < /P>

We try to innovatively approach issues that others start with traditional, outdated approaches. For example, we offer scenario lighting for rooms with a large number of light sources, etc. For this, from year to year, we visit the most authoritative in the industry exhibitions in Milan, Verona, etc. With all the technological process, we do not forget about the creative component of interior design. As we can see from the gallery of works, one of the most interesting solutions on the market, which is confirmed by awards in various competitions, publications in magazines and recommendations of such recognized companies as redbull, sonyericsson ...

We are proud that we can say that the design studio "art partner" is one of the oldest interior design studios in Kiev and has accumulated over 150 realized objects for 10 years.

Regarding the repair, here we have a number of advantages: firstly, the designer and the contractor is one company, so one person is also responsible, we have a supply system - our own trucks, controls, quick selection of finishing materials with the system Discounts in a variety of stores. The advantages of working with us can be attributed to the fact that in the standard design of interior design we have included the specification of finishing materials: floor coverings, tiles, furniture, sanitary equipment, wall color numbers according to layout or wallpaper, calculation of estimates, high-precision furniture design (own production Built-in furniture). These positions, in others design studios, as a rule, are included in the so-called "author's accompaniment". We provide an agreement for each interior design and guarantee from the company.